Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trip Reflection

I think the most fun and also my favorite part of the Des Moines trip was staying overnight in the hotel. I really enjoyed getting to spend quality time with our goal "family." We are a very close group in a classroom, it was interesting to see how we all acted when both classes were together outside of school. Not much of a change either!

My favorite piece of art in the Art museum was a piece made of a variety of different types of string titled Élément spatial by Elsi Giauque.

 I thought the best example of art was a painting done by Childe Hassam, titled "Bridge in Snow" on oil canvas.

I thought the best example of "Why is it art," was a piece titled Tennyson done by Jasper Johns. It seemed like there really wasn't much work put into this piece. There were so many others that had so much more to offer just by looking at them. This piece looked a lot like a blank grey canvas with the words Tennyson across the bottom.

The most famous person I found in the museum was Pablo Picasso. I found two paintings done by him. I was very surprised a museum in the middle of Iowa would have such famous artwork.

For me the most educational part of the trip seemed to be the Iowa Hall of Pride. I learned a lot of information about our state. It was amazing to see how many great people grew up in the same state we live in. I loved listening to the person who welcomed us speak about all the great things Iowa has to offer. He was very inspiring.

To improve the trip for next year I suggest shortening the History Museum and Iowa Hall of Pride times. They were both very interesting in the beginning, but after seeing the same things for more than an hour it got very boring. It would also be very cool to visit the science museum, that was the first time I have ever been in there. Just from the small section I saw it looked very interesting.


  1. I also learned a lot in the Iowa Hall of Pride and I like the way they taught it to us. I agree that the time at the History Museum should be shorter.

  2. I also agree that the times should have been shortened and that it was really weird seeing Pablo Picaso at the museum in Iowa.

  3. I loved that one sculpture of the string all woven together. It was a amazing.

  4. I also really liked the picture you liked the best. I think it was really cool the way they set it up.

  5. I loved those art pieces too and I chose the same piece for "why is this art"