Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Documentary Reflections

The process we went through to complete our documentary was a very (very) long and complicated process. First we had to pick a topic, (with the group I had it took awhile to just agree on one!). Next we researched the main idea, so we were prepared for our interview. We though of questions and topics to bring up during the interview so we would have enough footage for our movie. After hearing from a professional it also gave us a good understanding of the process itself. We researched stained glass (our topic) in depth and also found lots of pictures to insert into our movie. For the topic of stained glass it helped seeing examples in pictures of what we were learning. My group was fortunate enough to actually get a seperate tour and also an interview. Sara took lots of video in the glass studio, the footage mostly included video of each worker describing the exact job they contribute to the making of stained glass. But it also included videos of the workers while they were in "action." I thought this asset added a lot to our documentary. After all of our video, research, scripts, recordings, and pictures were edited and complete we added them all into iMovie. In iMovie we inserted everything and then spent lots of time perfecting each little mistake. As I said, a very very long process.

Some interesting facts I learned about my topic, stained glass, was how it is actually made. I had no idea how many different steps and how long it took to fully and successfully complete and stained glass window. I understand now it takes a lot of patience and talent to work with stained glass. You can tell by just looking stained glass windows, they are absolutely beautiful.

From this project I learned how important the actual filmmaking is to a movie. If you do not have a correct area and settings on the camera it can ruin everything! It is also important to take shots from angles that complement the person or subject. Lighting plays a big key in the way your video will look in the end.

The part of our documentary that make me most proud are the sections where there is footage from Bovard Studios. It took a lot of work to get a tour set up, we were so excited when we actually got to visit a place where stained glass was the main idea. We learned so much from the touring the studio, I feel like the footage also adds a lot of interest to our movie. Watching the workers in action really helps you understand the process.

If we had more time, I think we could improve our documentary by adding in more of our footage and pictures. The footage has so much important information within it! It was the correct length for our class project, but if you didn't know anything about stained glass there could be some parts that are left out.


  1. I liked your topic. Stained glass is really interesting. You had a lot of good information. You did really well.

  2. I really enjoyed how you presented your information! Your documentary flowed well and I thought the music went great with your topic and film.

  3. I really like your documentary! It was put together very well and it is very informational.

  4. I really enjoyed your documentary, very educational/

  5. Our documentary turned out pretty good and I enjoyed making it with you and the rest of the group!

  6. I really liked your documentary topic. It was original and your movie turned out very cool! Good job!