Monday, April 6, 2015

Images of Greatness

    For my Image of Greatness I chose Maya Angelou. I wrote an essay and created a poem about Maya's life, and then displayed the information on a trifold.

      What I enjoyed most about my project was reading Maya's poems and biographies. Researching her life was interesting, but reading the powerful words she wrote helped me understand even more. It felt like everything I learned made sense after I read about it happening.
      Learning about Maya's childhood into adulthood, was one of the most interesting parts of my project. I couldn't believe how many obstacles she had to overcome, and how she managed to do so while having so many different careers. (Dancer, singer, producer, performer, author, etc.) Discovering Maya worked with Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. I thought was also very interesting. I had no idea they worked together, but at the same time it didn't really surprise me. Three of the most powerful African Americans (at the time) working together to make a difference.
      The hardest part of my project was making sure everything was completed and ready for the big night. For me it wasn't terribly hard to memorize my bio riddle, but keeping that in the back of my head while finishing my display board was kind of nerve wracking, and speaking on stage didn't help!
        From this project I became a better student and learner by really caring about what I was studying. This was one of my first projects where throughout the whole thing I was still learning new things and was interested in my topic.
         If I could do the whole thing over again I would read Maya's biographies sooner. I finished the first one and started the second one. But if I was reading while researching, some of the information would have made even more sense. ( Like I said in the second paragraph.) I also would make sure the music notes were not backwards! That really bothered me.
          After finishing the project I am most proud that I really learned in the process, and wanted to know more about my person the whole way through. While having fun of course! These pictures prove it-


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