Monday, January 5, 2015

To Kill A Mockingbird

    To me To Kill a Mockingbird is book everyone should be required to read! There are so many lessons you can learn from this book. Probably the main one referring to racism, but also along with how much a child can do. There were so many parts in the book where Scout saved the day without really knowing it. Just from hearing her point of view, it could change someone else's for better. (Mr. Cunningham)
     My favorite character in the book is Scout. She wasn't afraid to say what she believed was right, even if it was wrong. Throughout the story Scout helped many people by simply just talking to them. My other favorite character is Atticus. He knew Tom Robinson's case would cause many problems, but felt Tom deserved the same rights any man would. Atticus took pride in defending Tom while others hated him for it.
     I think the movie is perfect for the book. I just wish some more of the smaller but important parts were included.  I think all the characters in the movie represented the characters in the book perfectly. Scout, Gem, Dill, and Atticus were almost exactly how I imagined them in the book.
     The lessons in the book are still very important 50 years later, currently racism is still a major problem. You think by now we would've learned from mistakes we made in the past. But unfortunately we haven't. There are people like Atticus in the world who are to afraid to stand up for what they believe in. To Kill a Mockingbird shows an example of what can happen when someone does stand up.