Monday, November 3, 2014

Quarter- Self Evaluations

         1. I met my goal for independent reading this quarter. I read 12 books, and also met my goal for English 8.
        2. Out of the books I read this quarter, The Raft was my favorite. I really liked the action in this book and couldn't put it down.

        3. This quarter I have read all realistic fiction with a couple mysteries. I really like this genre because they all are stories that could happen. When I read fantasy for example, I don't really get into the book because I can't picture what's happening as well.

        4. For second quarter I would like to read 10 books or more. I also want to read more Science Fiction books. (at least 2)

       5.  This post is better than my others because, I asked more than one question and made an easy topic for a discussion.

       6.  I met my wiki goal. But I should make more posts, and make sure I'm not talking about something that is already being discussed in another post. I would like to make at least 3 posts next quarter.

      7. I think I have a fixed mindset. Sometimes when things are hard for me I get disappointed and very frustrated. I am better at not getting as frustrated, and now understand that things are going to be harder for me than others. To improve this I will keep trying even when I don't understand something.

      8. For the second quarter I think we should spend more time on the wiki to discuss our read aloud.

     9.  This quarter I did well with completing my homework/work on time, and reading more outside of school. Challenges were making us missed work after being absent, and reading more genres of books for independent reading. Next quarter I would like to try reading books that wouldn't normally be my first choice.