Thursday, September 18, 2014

Analyzing Our Own Differences in Learning

Jung Typology Test: ENTJ
Multiple Intelligences Test: Body Movement 4.43, Social 3.71, Spatial 3.57
VARK: Visual: 8, Aural: 4, Read/write: 5, Kinesthetic: 12

       These tests tell me that I learn better by seeing the things I'm learning about in person, and by doing the activity myself. By knowing my learning strengths (and weaknesses) I will know what to work on or when to pay better attention in class. For example if the teacher I teaching us by only talking I would understand better if I write down some of the more important things in the lesson so I can see what I'm hearing. This information will also help me outside of class, if there is something I can't figure out (or a problem) looking at pictures or trying on my own before reading instructions may help. I will be able to better advocate my learning by knowing which ways I work best and applying those in the classroom. 

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  1. You had a great post! You should try to learn the ways you decided are best for you.