Thursday, September 18, 2014

Analyzing Our Own Differences in Learning

Jung Typology Test: ENTJ
Multiple Intelligences Test: Body Movement 4.43, Social 3.71, Spatial 3.57
VARK: Visual: 8, Aural: 4, Read/write: 5, Kinesthetic: 12

       These tests tell me that I learn better by seeing the things I'm learning about in person, and by doing the activity myself. By knowing my learning strengths (and weaknesses) I will know what to work on or when to pay better attention in class. For example if the teacher I teaching us by only talking I would understand better if I write down some of the more important things in the lesson so I can see what I'm hearing. This information will also help me outside of class, if there is something I can't figure out (or a problem) looking at pictures or trying on my own before reading instructions may help. I will be able to better advocate my learning by knowing which ways I work best and applying those in the classroom. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Differences in Learning

The video we watched about Autism and differences in learning, really helped me understand what Autism is and how it works. Before I watched the video I had no idea what it was really like having Autism. I thought of it as just a disability that made learning harder. But know (after watching the video) I think of it barely a disability. Yes, it does make learning difficult for some people but it also gives people a chance to be really passionate about something in particular. Once they find the thing they are most passionate about small details most of us overlook they would notice. I have a cousin that has Autism named Guy. We recently just spent a week with him, and my Aunt and Uncle this summer. This was our first time being around Guy for more than a few days during the holidays. While we were staying with them it was very clear what things Guy was most interested in. These things included, movies and music, but also he is very good at remembering the exact spot where places (shops, restaurants, etc.) are located. Guy can remember every character in every movie he owns, the characters real name, how old they were when the movie was made, their age now, year when the movie was made, and certain lines they spoke in the movie. After watching the video on differences in leaning it made me think more about all of these things my cousin was great at remembering/learning and helped me understand why.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome Back!

This school year I am looking forward to the teachers, school sports, and projects. So far I really like all of the teachers, and am excited for the projects we will be assigned this year. One thing that will make this school year easier is staying organized. If I stay organized it will be easy to turn work in on time and have everything finished. Something that will make this school year harder is making time to finish homework before/after sports or other things I have going on after school. This school year I would like to improve myself by participating more in class discussion. By participating more in class I will learn more and get a better understanding.