Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stop Motion Animation

         For this project we had to make a short movie out of pictures. To do this we set up our props, or in my group's case food. We took a picture and then moved the prop once. To the side, up, down, etc. After it's moved you take another picture and so on. (move, take picture, move, take picture, over and over.) After you take all the pictures, you and put them into iMovie. It whips through each picture so fast it looks like a video.  In our movie it takes you through each meal of the day, and shows the food tapping onto the plate. We tapped onto the plate or paper and then something would pop onto the screen. From stop motion animation I learned how hard animation must have been before we had all this new technology. It took forever not just to plan our movie but to move each prop just right amount. The best part of our movie was watching the food pop onto the plate. It really look like the meal was coming together like it would in real life. (Without the tapping anyway!) The music played really well with our scenes, it always started and ended in the right spot. The hardest part of the movie was making the pictures all the right lengths in iMovie. The pictures had to flow together so it really looked like you were just watching a normal video. To improve our movie we should've made it longer. The food popped up onto the plate so fast it was hard to tell how much it really changed before another prop popped up after it. The pictures just needed to be lengthened a little bit more in iMovie. People that have a career that deals with SMA, or just regular animation must have lots of patience and time on their hands. It took our class around 2 weeks just to make a 30-1 minute movie. Think of how long it takes to make and hour long movie! - click here to see my movie!

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