Monday, March 17, 2014

History Day Reflections

I chose to do a group exhibit with A'lia and Alison. Our project was on an act called I.D.E.A, or Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. I.D.E.A is the act that allows children with disabilities to go to public schools and receive a FAPE. (Free Appropriate Public Education) I think the best part of our project was the way it looked. It was well organized and very creative. Our research was good, but without the looks of our board it wouldn't be as great. To improve our project, we could have found more information on the history. We went into history a little, but could have found more information on what it was like before the act. Another way we could improve is by talking to a Special Education Consultant with the AEA, or a student who with an IEP for more primary sources. (Individualized Education Program) More pictures would have been a good way to pull away from all the text on our board. The hardest part of our project was the research. It was hard to find information that we didn't already have. It was also hard to find history on the act, because it's still in action and has recently been re-enacted (2004). We didn't find as much information as we needed. I'm sure if we looked a little more into our research we could've found more for the history part. Once we had all of our information we had to chose which would go on the board, without passing the word limit. We could have used a little more space when it came to pictures so squeezing everything on our board took a lot of time. The best part of the day on Friday was seeing all the other projects. There was so many different topics and ways they showed it. (Plays, exhibits, documentary, etc.) I liked going to see other classmates projects, it was interesting to see the others we hadn't seen before. The best project I saw on Friday was an exhibit on the Salem Witch hunt. The board was very clear and showed all the information clearly. I loved how the text was hidden in between string. The board was very creative and showed all the information in a way that no one else attempted. Our topic related to the theme " Rights and Responsibilities" because, it is our responsibility to provide an education for children even if they have disabilities. This act gave the children the right to attend public schools and receive a Free Appropriate Education.


  1. I really loved your project! The way you set it up on the lazy susan was really creative! I felt you picket a really great topic for the theme.

  2. Super reflection. Your board was beautiful, but I was most proud of how you grew in your understanding of your topic. Great work! Miss N :)