Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I just finished the book Diveregent and LOVED it! The character Tris in this book has grown so much from where she started. She changed for better, she wasn't really living the way she wanted to in Abnegation. When she switched over to Dauntless I was very shocked, I didn't think she would leave her family after her brother did.  I really loved the way Tris was always finding a way to keep the people she loves safe. She knows she is different then most people and, I think, feels that it is her job to protect when others can't. This book really made me think of the real world. They have different factions for each group of people that believe or do the same things. It's a way of grouping people with similar actions or feelings, without having a big argument. Could the world eventually end up like this? It could do good and bad, more war with lots of different ideas and ways to do things, but for good it would be a way of always knowing what you need are where you could find answers. My least favorite part in the book was when Tris found out there was war coming to Abnegation, she knew she had to do something because she was one of the only ones that could. If I met Tris in real life I would ask her how she found the courage to do all of the things she had never done. Like jumping off a train for the first time, if that was me I probably wouldn't have been able to jump, but Tris found a way to get through it. I really enjoyed reading this book and am already half way through the next book!