Monday, December 9, 2013

Independent Projects

My topic was on Tie-Dye and different methods on how to do it. I chose this topic because I thought it would be interesting on how much I could really learn about Tie-Dye. I wanted a challenge! The most interesting thing I learned was one of the methods, I chose to learn about. This method was West African Tie-Dying. I thought the most interesting part about this method was the way it's done. It is done by dipping fabric into 6 feet deep dye pits and repeating until you get the outcome you want. I had never heard about these dye pits so it made me want to learn more! I thought the best part about my project was the way I displayed it on my trifold. It took me a long time to plan out the best way to make it look very neat and factual, without being to cramped and cluttered. I think one thing I could've done better on my trifold was the speaking part. I wrote on note cards but I wasn't always talking to audience. Fixing this would really improve my project presentation.


  1. I thought your board looked great. A trifold was a good choice for the kind of project you wanted to do. I learned a lot!

  2. I really liked your board, and your presentation was very nice. I learned a lot!