Tuesday, November 19, 2013


To be honest when we first started reading Cardturner I hated it! I felt like nothing was happening except for people playing cards. It first got interesting for me, when Toni came into the book. I'm not sure why this is when I started to love it, but it felt like something happened other than cards. My favorite part in the book was when Alton and Toni won Nationals. When Trapp said those last words "Nicely Played," it felt like everything was perfect, Trapp really did end up being Alton's favorite uncle and I feel like Alton was Trapp's favorite Cardturner. (Other than Annabell!) From reading this book I picture the author as a Cardturner. He told the whole story from a cardturners point of view (Alton), how else would he know so much about it if he wasn't one himself? One reason I loved this book is because of the bonds that were formed between different people, it just shows how you can go from barely knowing someone to loving them.

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  1. 5+
    I agree that it takes awhile to get into this book. I like that even if you never understand bridge, you can still really get into the story.