Thursday, October 24, 2013

Improve Myself

I improved my self  a lot this year by speaking more in our discussions. Last year I didn't say very much or tell my opinion when we had debates, arguments, or just anything we were talking about in Goal. I finished my reading contract with less of a hurry this quarter. I wasn't rushing through my books so I could finish for the deadline.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Big Science

    During this project I learned about lots of things that were "big" problems. For example: I had no idea how much pollution 1 person created in one year! Dealing with biotechnology food, I have heard about certain foods with special growth hormones, but never really knew what it meant. I learned more about DNA and ways that could eventually help thousands of very sick people. 
         In this unit we learned about 4 topics: Biotechnology Food, Space, Biotechnology Medicine, and an Environmental car. First we learned about each topic.( Biotech food and medicine both dealt with genetically engineering DNA found in both food and medicine. Space talked about how the U.S hasn't worked with space for a long time and how we need to learn more. Environmental Car focused on the idea of pollution. )
      After we learned about each topic we had to choose which one we believed was the biggest problem in our world. Each group chose a topic and debated for why they thought their idea was the best. (I chose Biotechnology Medicine!) After we all agreed in someway we talked about why this was such a huge problem. At the end of this unit we made a poster to tell about how and why we felt so strongly about what we chose. 
        I think the government should fund for biotechnology medicine. It would help so many people and hopefully find cures for serious diseases so no one will have to struggle. (Cancer, Diabetes, Lukemia, etc.)
But I also think the government has enough on their hands, all of these Big Science issues would be great to explore, but there is other things we need to finish first.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


 Dear Mrs.Nelson, So far I am really enjoying this book! I love the way the author tells the story. Every 4-5 chapters it switches from one characters point of view to another. The first time this happened I was confused about why Auggie was talking about all these things but then I realized it was his sister telling the story!
       I personally think Auggie handles his "problem" very well most of the time. He knows he's different and accepts it. Auggie's mom and dad are very supportive over him, if there is something he doesn't feel comfortable doing they understand. If I was Auggie in this story I would love to have his sister. She talks to him when no one else does, she doesn't see him the way everyone else does and loves him no matter what. 
           Some of the characters in the story really annoy my they act one way around Auggie and another way when he's gone. When they say something about him and the way he looks it makes me sad because they don't even know him, and according to the book he sounds like a really fun guy! 
             If I met Auggie in real life I would talk to him about how he handles everything, and how he does such a good job. Not in a rude way but I would also ask him about his condition. I don't really think the author does such a good job explaining it. But from what the author does tell it is an extremely rare case, which makes me want to learn more! I can't wait to find out what happens next in this story! I think they should make a second book related to this, but with another interesting character. 

                                                      Sincerely, Jillian Dunlap