Friday, April 13, 2012

Wilma Rudolph

   Wilma Rudolph
             I chose to research about Wilma Rudolph because, she is the perfect example of determination and caring. She also is a great runner. I hope someday I will achieve my goals like she did.

She is remembered in the history books as “The fastest Woman in History.” This came from winning three Olympic gold medals in Track and Field. I think her greatest accomplishment during the Olympics was winning the 100 meter dash when no one else even came close.
Her determination came from her fight through polio. She was diagnosed at age five and told she would never walk again. But she never gave up. She was also very caring. After she retired from running she went around the world helping children with disabilities, showing them that they too can become an athlete.
She is not only a track star but a helpful person. She went around the world helping children with disabilities, teaching them that they can succeed.  She showed kindness after races even if she didn’t win. She was never rude or mean when she lost her races. However, some of her opponents or even teammates were rude to her. One time they hid her hair curlers and she showed up with a hood on at the award ceremony because of how bad her hair looked. They did this because they were jealous of her.
When you watched Wilma run you couldn’t tell she had faced many obstacles in her life. At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with polio and told she would never walk again. When she would lose races (or win) she was treated rudely because she was African American. But these things never affected the way she was or the way she ran.
If you ever win three Olympic gold medals, or any gold medals you would be extremely happy and proud. Wilma thought, “ The reward wouldn’t have been so great without her struggles.” This means, without her struggles through her life the rewards wouldn’t have been so important to her.
If Wilma Rudolph was still alive she would be going around the world again helping children with disabilities and teaching them how to face their problems. Wilma is remembered as a hero because she never gave up on even the hardest obstacles in 
her life.

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