Friday, January 13, 2012

What are The Symbols of France?

               What are the symbols of France?
         I chose this topic because my cousins took a trip to France and told me lots about France and the Eiffel Tower and got me interested.  The question I wanted to find was what are the “Symbols of France”. I found out by looking on the Internet, library books, printing  pictures, and taking notes on the Eiffel Tower, celebrations, food, and parts of their culture. The most important thing I learned about was the Eiffel Tower,  it is the main symbol of France.  My favorite thing that I learned about were the types of celebrations and the food the French  liked to eat.  I thought the Christmas cake and the baguettes looked delicious! (We even had some of the bread for our party!) In the future I will remember the facts and see if my cousins know as much as me.

Independent Projects

 These are pictures of my challenge class and me working on our independent projects.